You Never Let Go - Live at The Rock of Roseville

by The Rock of Roseville



The Rock of Roseville is a non-denominational church located in the heart of Roseville CA. Led by a plurality of leadership in Pastors Francis Anfuso, Bob Hasty and Brandon Naramore, The Rock is known for its authenticity, expressive services and friendly community.

Over the course of the last three years, the worship department at the church has established a worship culture that is infectious.
Drawing on the leadership of Ben Woodward, Tracy Lundquist, Brett Miller and Amy Gottlieb, a new sound began to arise. Songs began to come forth that spoke to the heart of the congregation.

"You Never Let Go - Live at The Rock of Roseville" is the culmination of what as taken place at The Rock of Roseville over the last few years.

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released June 7, 2015


Brandon Hampton - Producer
Ben Woodward - Producer
Aaron Brohman - Production Assistant
Redeem The Music - Recording/Engineering
Jared Logan (JTL Group) - Mixing


Ben Woodward - Worship Pastor
Tracy Lundquist - Worship Leader
Amy Gottlieb - Worship Leader
Brett Miller - Worship Leader
Nate Haines - Drummer
Aaron Brohman - Bass Guitar
Daniel Gonzalez - Electric Guitar
Horatio Cota - Keyboards


Miriana Stef -Violin
Aaron Brohman - Drums, Electric Guitar
Brandon Hampton - Electric Guitar


Video Recorded at The Rock of Roseville over 3 weekend services by Joel Sandvos and Laban DeBoer. Post Production and Editing by Ben Woodward.

Hair and Makeup by Alexa Hansen and Analise Haines

Special thanks to The Rock of Roseville family, Pastors Francis Anfuso and Bob Hasty, Tass Souza, Kyle Marks, Laban DeBoer, and many others who helped pull this off.


all rights reserved



Ben Woodward Kansas City

Born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, Today he travels all over the world leading and teaching on worship and God’s call to this generation. His authentic worship style mixed with a modern rock edge impacts the heart.

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Track Name: Alive In Me (feat. Ben Woodward)
Come on and join in the chorus
It's not the world we're living for
Eternity is before us
Thats the hope we're living for

We lift up our eyes, to the skies
see the King of Glory, Holy Holy is He
See a generation rise

You are Alive in me
You'll never stop, never stop loving me
You are Alive in me
We'll never stop, never stop Lifting You up

Verse 2
Eternity is before us
We put the past behind us
With only one life to live we're gonna sing out till
the world knows Jesus lives

You are the end of my searching
Each step I am learning
By grace and through faith
I'm gonna know You
You are the fire that remains
The hope that sustains
And even when the waves come
I remain with You


You are Alive in me
Take the world, there's nothing it can give to me
You are Alive in me
We'll never stop, never stop Lifting You up

Take the world but give me Jesus
Track Name: Unshakable (You Never Let Go) (feat. Tracy Lundquist)
Through the wind and the waves, you remain the same
an unshakable rock, through trial and through pain

I know that you never let go, I know that you never let go,
Im holding on to the Rock that is higher than I,
I know that you never let go, I know that you never let go,
Im holding on to You

You are unchanging God.
You are a firm foundation,
You make me unshakable, unshakable God,
I'm standing on the Rock of my salvation

Standing firm through it all, You have never changed
You're the strength of my life, there's power in Your name
Track Name: Trusting In Your Promises (feat. Brett Miller)
I lift my eyes again
I fall down before You
I lift my heart again
I place it before You

Your heart is for me
Your love flows freely

Kind hearted Father, greatest defender
I'm trusting in Your promises
My faithful healer, comforting Savior
I'm trusting in Your promises

I lift my fears again, You place me on mountains
I lift my voice again, Your glory it answers

You come like water,
You rise like a flood,
Your glory is breaking through
Track Name: Worthy (feat. Ben Woodward)
Verse 1
Come and take Your place
Come and have Your way
I give You all my life

All my future and past
I give it all away
With every single breath
I want my life to say

Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb
Seated on the Throne
We sing worthy is the Lamb
All around the throne
The Elders cast their crowns
So bowing low before You
My life I will lay down

Verse 2
Come and take your place
Come and have your way
There's not a thing I could do
To ever turn you away
This relentless love
takes a hold of my heart
and as I feel that fire
It takes me back to the start

My future was decided
By the price you paid for me
Let my life be marked by You, owned by you,
let this song ring out
Track Name: Freedom Rain (feat. Amy Gottlieb)
There's a freedom that's falling, just like the rain
As You fall on me again
Desire that's calling for just one thing
How I long to see your face
I can feel it coming, I can feel it coming

As you shower this place with freedom
You cover our hearts with love
As you shower this place with freedom
You cover our hearts with love

Verse 2
There's a reason were singing here in this place
We long to give You praise
A desire thats burning within our soul
Your glory and your fame


Take me somewhere I've never been before,
a place where freedom falls like the rain

For the love of God is chasing us
Like a perfect storm, it will rain on us
Track Name: In The Presence Of The Lord (feat. Ben Woodward)
Verse 1
Hold me closer Lord I know
That in these moments it’s not a show
I’m stepping off the stage; I’m looking for the place I know
Standing between the future and the past
Im letting go of things that never last
Come take my mind, my heart, my soul,
keep the fire alive til all I know

In the presence of the Lord x 2
In the presence of the Lord I’ve found my home
Where I belong

Verse 2
So open my eyes and Lord help me to see
That these songs I sing were never meant for me
Give me a heart that won’t forsake You
Lead me to where the streets are paved with gold